Naked Bodies

This blog is for my final major project

My exhibition space. I’m very happy with it, I really like how intimite it is, I think that the closed in space compliments the photographs. 

Mounting the photos were difficult as I didn’t want to put holes in them so i used Velcro which worked really well. I tried a few different positions of the photos, and moved them around quite a lot and found this was the best way of putting them. 

These are the rest of the photos in my exhibition. 

These are some of the photos in my exhibition. (Couldn’t get all on one photoset)

I didn’t have time to do the last photo shoot at home, however i’m really happy with what I have anyway.

21st May Photoshoot

The photoshoot I did yesterday went EXTREMELY well. I love the photos I got out of it are some of the best that i’ve got.

Now to decide which to put in the exhibition… Might also do one final shoot tonight at home as I have the equipment.

Olivia, great photos

YAN AMAZING. Perfect, exactly what I was hoping for.

The full body photo I just uploaded, to take out the background (the same as the face one) I had to do alot of editing which is why I think that it’s gone a bit out of focus. I dont really know why but I hope it doesnt happen with other photos!! Other than that I think it went well for my first ever taking out the background of a photo!


Organising my last shoot finally…. hopefully everyones free. one has replied so far!

Going to paint Olivia white and put the orange dust on her. I would also like her to do a little dance so I can do a quick stop motion video of her.

I’m going to have to work out what i’m going to paint onto Yan and get her to do her contortionist things. I cant wait for the photos!